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Pro-Climb Wyo Steering arm

Since 2012 Mac has been using a custom steering arm to increase steering angle on the pro climb chassis.
As backcountry riders you all know the importance of counter steer in the backcountry, this arm is very important when it comes to controlling and more important recovering from a wash out on side hills.

You will be able to hold a steeper line with added control.  Once you ride with this mod there is no going back!

Things you will need:

Longer tie rods- if you’re running a 38″ front end you will use 40″ tie rods, 36 uses 38″ rods etc…  (you can use original rods, they worked but the longer rods use more threads and a guaranteed solid setup). (shelf rivets and longer bolt to attach tie rods to steering arm are included).

You have to modify the bulk head and “Cut” out the back area of tie rod opening, we have several sleds using the mod and no issues at all from opening up the area.  Once bulk head opening is cut for clearance, the tie rod boot completely covers the area modified.

You have to put a small notch in the shelf above the bracket, it has to be removed for the arm install and easily done when out.

On the 2012 you will want to drill stock spindles and move tie rods also.  Mac moved them even farther in on his 14 for even more steering.

The 2016 has more steering and with the mod really gives you full demand on steering.

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